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Kickboxing Introduction | Sun, 27 Aug 2017 | KFI

Introduction - What is Kickboxing ? Kickboxing History In generally the Kickboxing word explain itself kick & punch i.e. combination of kick & punch. In technical way we can say that –the kickboxing is combination fight (between two people) of kick & punch in a control manner i.e. img 1 (min 800 x 300/400) “Kickboxing re

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Administration | Sun, 27 Aug 2017 | KFI

Management of KFI

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KFI Milestones | Sun, 27 Aug 2017 | KFI

Delhi Kickboxing Association (DKA) logo continue from 2005-6 to till today (Aug.2017) Early Years (2004-5) Mr. Yogesh Kumar Shad, Founder & General Secretary of “Kickboxing federation of India (KFI)” started working with the “Delhi Kickboxing Association (DKA)”in 2004-5. At that time DKA was a non-functional society.

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Technical Committee | Sun, 27 Aug 2017 | KFI

Technical Council Of Kickboxing Federation Of India Mr. Shiv Singh (Technical Adviser) Dr. Kuldeep Beniwal (Technical Adviser) Mr. Yogesh Kumar Shad (Technical Chairman / International Judge,Referee & Coach) Mr. V.S.Rawat (Technical Head / Team India Coach / International Judge & Referee / Selector) Mr. Govinder Dalal (InternationalJud

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State Units Of Kickboxing Federation Of India | Sun, 27 Aug 2017 | KFI

S.N. Name of State / U.T. Name of State Head Address , Email Id, Phone Number etc. 1 Delhi   President – SHAKTI SHARAD   Gen. Sec.- YOGESH KUMAR President Add. : 1109/B PANA PAPOSIAN NARELA DELHI 40 Email : dka2005y@gmail.com President- 9911631027 Secretary-9911125413 2

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Messages / Publication | Sun, 27 Aug 2017 | KFI

Delhi, Himachal & Nasik National Championship Souvenir-2018-20 Delhi, Himachal & Nasik National Championship Souvenir - 2018-20 Basic to Pro (Latest Edition By Yogesh Kr. Shad 2019) Basic to Pro ( Latest Edition by Yogesh Kr. Shad 2019)  Indian Army Magazine -Baatcheet - Dec. 2018 Indian Army Magazine - Baatche

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Downloads | Mon, 28 Aug 2017 | KFI

1. Get Pro Rules Book 2014 (click here) 2. Get Amateur WKF Rule 2017 (click here) 3. Get KFI Rules Book 2016 (click here) 4. Get KFI Sports Passbook Form (click here) 5. Get KFI Waiver Form (click here) 6. Get KFI Belt Grading Form (click here) 7. Get KFI Bout Sheet -8 (click here) 8. Get KFI Bout Sheet - 16 (click here) 9. Get KFI Sco

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Media Team | Tue, 29 Aug 2017 | KFI

Media Team Mr. Atul Sharma Mr. Kapil Kapoor Mr. Sachin Swami   Mr. Anshul Kumar

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